Hey Ronald…
since you talked about your writing tools last time – here comes an overview of mine.
Let me talk about my software only since hardware can change from time to time and is – in my opinion – not that interesting for the writing process.
First of all there is Evernote.

I use the small green elephant to collect and organise my writing research, my private notes, my projects (“Bremen & Kampala” has it’s own folder, too). I have it on my mobile device and on my laptop. It’s everywhere I go, ready to clip everything – notes, photos, videos, articles, cooking recipes – out of my daily digital and analogue routine.
My writing tool is Scrivener.

Unlike most writing software Scrivener brings folder organization, text editor and notes on one screen. The binder binds together every possible content of your project, including text files, websites or photos. My character notes, my plot, my research (coming from Evernote) and the paperwork of three years of writing – it’s all in Scrivener. The possibility of infinite folder divisions – without losing overview – provides a comprehensive archiving at material level, a more flexible relocating at plot level, a structured section after section writing at writing level. And there is a full screen mode. So you can forget everything else and just focus on your writing. Honestly, I would be lost without this tool.
I once attended a literary exhibition and produced a small video, trying to give an atmospheric inside of the use of my writing tools. Here you can see Evernote and Scrivener (and me) in action:

How do you organise your material? What are your tools to put some words on paper?