Hey Ronald!


I start this “Getting to know each other” by showing you my writing spaces. First thing you need to know: I move. A lot. Last year I finished my BA in Creative Writing – and left my home in Hildesheim, left my constant writing space, lost this perfect view:

hildesheim2   hildesheim

Since then I´m always on the go. I was trying to save some writing time (and money!) by applying for residence scholarships in order to finish my first novel. Here´s a stream of my last year’s working spaces, each linked to googlemaps:






I got used to this shifting very soon. I realised that the permanence of place is not important for my work. The permanence of writing itself is much more relevant, to have six hours a day at least to put my words on paper. Luckily I do not need a lot of stuff. Offer me a table and a chair and I’ll be fine. How about you? How does your writing space look like? What kind of permanence do you need?

Right now I’m back in Worpswede, back to my residence scholarship on the countryside, a 30 minute car drive away from Bremen. It’s kind of boring to be honest. But it’s the perfect place to put some words on paper. Oh – and I got my view again!

worps3    worps1