Round Table

Meet the writers Deborah Asiimwe, Ronald Ssegujja and Nyana Kakoma from Kampala and Nikolas Hoppe, Nora Bossong and Jens Laloire from Bremen! Follow their round table discussion on Google Hangouts where the writers introduce themselves. 

nora   ronald   jens   deborah  nyana   niko02/01/15



What concerns young writers today? How much is their writing influenced by place and society? What are the differences in individual, social, and political attitudes, and in poetic approaches? Each week, one of our authors will open up a discussion on a topic that is of concern to them. Deborah Asiimwe will start off – questioning how changing places is reflected in the process of writing. See what our writers have to say on this and other subjects. Find a topic that interests you and join the discussion!

deborah Deborah AsiimwehWriting in changing places. Concepts of being at home: 05/01/15

jensJens Laloire – Getting out there! How to find an audience/publisher: 12/01/15

noraNora BossongThe role of the writer in society: 19/01/15

nyanaNyana Kakoma – Being a writerpreneur. How to write and make a living: 26/01/15

Getting to know each other

Get to know the authors Jens Laloire and Nyana Kakoma! You can follow them in their daily routines throughout the month of January. Meet them at public readings, poetry slams and festivals – Jens in Bremen and Nyana in Kampala. They will document their everyday lives in photographs, videos, and blog entries and exchange experiences and thoughts with each other in an open dialogue.

While Jens and Nyana document their public lives, Ronald Ssegujja and Nikolas Hoppe will take you into the private sphere of their writing routines. They too will spend one month documenting and introducing each other to their daily writing processes and working spaces. What are their rituals? What basics and extras are necessary to get them writing? Do they need music, a specific drink, background noise or silence? Pen or ipad? – Join their ongoing exchange and share your own writing habits and experience!

  nyana jensWriting & Public Life – Nyana Kakoma and Jens Laloire03-29/01/15

 niko ronald Writing & Ritual – Nikolas Hoppe and Ronald Ssegujja: 03-29/01/15

Talks on Writing

We want to talk – talk about prose writing, about drama, about poetry, and about other formats of storytelling.

Nora Bossong and Ronald Ssegujja will start us off with Talks on Writing Prose. Between Christmas and New Year they will exchange their thoughts via facebook, skype and email interviews. They will discuss the content of their writing, the challenges they encounter, and the techniques they use.

Deborah Asiimwe and Nikolas Hoppe will meet in person for Talks on Writing Drama. A camera team will accompany them on a walk through the city of Bremen. They will visit the local theatre, eat sushi, and most importantly discuss the writing of dramatic texts.

We open Talks on Writing X for input from outside the project! Get involved and tell us about your own experience. Are you a poet, a spoken word enthusiast, a scriptwriter? What is your medium for telling a story? And what topics do you think we need to discuss? Apply for a guest post and share your own writing experience!

nora ronaldTalks on Writing Prose – Nora Bossong and Ronald Ssegujja08/01/15

anonym Talks on Writing X – Send us your ideas and apply for a guest post! Starting: 15/01/15

deborah niko Talks on Writing Drama – Deborah Asiimwe and Nikolas Hoppe: 29/01/15

Closing Table

At the end of January, it is time to say goodbye. For one last time Deborah Asiimwe, Nyana Kakoma, Ronald Ssegujja, Jens Laloire, Nikolas Hoppe and Nora Bossong get together to summarize the outcome of the project. Join their reflections on Google Hangouts and give us your feedback for the next round of discussions between writers from Bremen and Kampala.

deborah   nora   ronald   jens   nyana   niko30/01/15