Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja


Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja was born in Masaka, South Western Uganda in 1990. He is a writer and executive director of Writing Our World, a youth run NGO working with and empowering young writers to contribute to positive change in their communities. He is also the African regional co-ordinator for Kahini – promoting cross cultural understanding through literature –, Peace Fellow of the DO School in Germany, and a member of the Ugandan Youth Advisors to Washington. In 2014, his short story 'Walls and Borders' won the Eastern Regional Writivism prize. He is currently working on a collection of short stories.


- Round Table: 02/01/15
– Writing & Ritual: Getting to know each other with Nikolas H.: 03-29/01/15
– Talks on Writing Prose with Nora B.: 08/01/15
– Closing Table: 29/01/15