• I think there are some jobs where this is possible and some where it isn’t. For example: I worked as a journalist for some time. After work I couldn’t write anything. There was too much going on in my head with […]

  • Thank you for this input. I found the part about “writing the other” particularly interesting because from my point of view your reflections are connected with the broader problem of representation. For me […]

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    Good question. I guess it has to do with the point, that I regard writing as work. And I want to separate the process from my home. I don’t generally work “outside” but at the moment I prefer to do so. So at home […]

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    Hey Nikolas,
    one of the pictures looks like it was taken in the café of the Schauburg in Bremen. Looks like a good place for writing. I more or less inhabit the “Lift” in the Weberstraße right now. It’s a bit […]

  • I guess the importance of something like a home for the process of writing has to do with really inhabiting a place, which means: leaving the common roads in your town, getting to know the stories of the place. […]

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    Hey Ronald,
    you wrote: “In all these places, I gather experiences that I turn into stories.” That’s an interesting statement for me because I have made the opposite experience. The feeling I had during my travels […]

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