Onyang Samuel Jenna


Born the first born in a family of Six in Tororo, small town in Eastern Uganda, I recently completed my bachelor of science in Biosysystems Engineering from Gulu University. Despite pursuing engineering professionally, i have had a passion for writing and poetry with over 12 books and 400 poems
i have also worked with young people especially the youth in a country where we have been reduced to dependents.. my dream is to change someone's life through the gifts and talents that God has given me, poetry and writing. i recently launched my first book "what is your dream" and am currently working on my next book, Ghost in my home. as a writer, i am looking forward to learning more from everyone


i have authored a total of 12 books "what is your dream", "Ghost in my home","get inspired live a positive life", "desperate tears,"wild on my own", "astray in the wind", "my will my destiny", "tomorrow is another day", "a walk in my shoes", over 400 poems and several other books