Nora Bossong


Nora Bossong was born in Bremen in 1982. She studied Philosophy, Literature, and Cultural Studies at the Universities of Berlin, Rome and Leipzig. She lives and works as a writer in Berlin and Rome and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Kunstpreis Berlin for literature in 2011 and the Peter-Huchel-Preis 2012 for her poetry collection Sommer vor Mauern. She also writes for the online magazines 10vor8,, and Freitext on zeitonline. Her latest novel Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung was published by Hanser in 2012 where her forthcoming novel is due in autumn 2015.


- Round Table: 02/01/15
– Input: The role of the writer in society: 19/01/15
– Talks on Writing Prose with Ronald S.: 08/01/15
– Closing Table: 29/01/15