Jens Laloire


Jens Laloire was born in Twistringen in 1978. He studied Philosophy, History, and Literature at the Universities of Bremen and Essen and now works as a freelance author and journalist. His publications include short stories such as 'Die Legende von der Neustadt' in Zmagazin and articles in the cultural sections of taz, as well as on the online dance platform He has also co-led the interactive literature project, organized and presented a series on contemporary writing at the public library in Bremen, and taught Creative Writing at the University of Bremen.


- Round Table: 02/01/15
– Input: Getting out there! How to find an audience/publisher: 12/01/15
– Writing & Public Life: Getting to know each other with Nyana K.: 03-29/01/15
– Closing Table: 29/01/15