Dear Nyana,

Today I´d like to introduce three important literature institutions of Bremen: the virtual Literaturhaus Bremen, the Bremer Literaturkontor and the city library (Bremer Stadtbibliothek). The Literaturhaus and the Kontor have both their offices in the Villa Ichon next to the Bremer Theater am Goetheplatz.


The Villa Ichon

To get an impression about the work of the virtual Literaturhaus please start the audio and listen to the manageress Heike Müller:


Heike Müller – the manageress of the virtual Literaturhaus Bremen

Just one floor under the office of the Literaturhaus there is the office of the Bremer Literaturkontor, with which I organize the publication series called “MiniLit” and the reading-series “Doppelpack”. Angelika Sinn, the manageress of the Kontor gives you a short introduction about the work of the Literaturkontor in the next audio:



Angelika Sinn – the mangeress of the Bremer Literaturkontor

On Saturday (tomorrow) there is a public reading of the literature week (LW) in the Villa Ichon, organized by the Kontor. The Bremen writers Heidrun Immendorf, Jörn Birkholz and Ian Watson will be reading. I will be on stage too, as the presenter of the evening. The title of the reading is “Durchleuchtet” (maybe you could translate it to English as “shine through”) – the topic of the LW this year is: monitoring.

I´m looking forward to this event. Another feature of the Bremer Literaturkontor is the open writing workshop, which takes place every two weeks on a Monday evening. It´s an excellent offer for young authors (to the age of 30), who want to discuss their work in a group of writers. The conductor of the group, the writer Colin Böttger, gives you a very short impression of his work in this group (he had just a couple of minutes for me in a brief break, because he had to continue his work with the five writers, who took part in the workshop last Monday):


The writing workshop with Colin Böttger

Last but not least, there is the city library. Not only will you find in the impressive rooms of the library an amazing amount of books, but there are also a lot of public readings, lectures and discussions about literature. There I do a lecture series on contemporary German-language authors as well. As an institution the city library is also a supporter of all the important literature festivals and events in Bremen. No less it is a very nice place to read books, journals and newspapers.


The City Library/Stadtbibliothek Bremen

By the way, the city library is the place, where the LW started yesterday and will continue today with another public reading, that I will moderate. All three institutions I have introduced are partners of the LW and help to make it happen. In part, they are the reason that we have this gerat literature festival every year in Bremen. I will give you a report about the first days of the LW at the begining of next week.


The first day of the literature week – with the BOM13 online magazin & the writer Sönke Busch

Enjoy your weekend.