Hello Nikolas,

I should first say that your software has intimidated me :)  Wow! Those are really great tools and I am planning on trying them out or better still looking out for some online tools that will suit my style.

You say that the hardware bit is not so interesting but well, here is a young man who is pro Old school. I do most of my writing on hardware and especially the whole faithful Notebook which is always packed in my bag and belongings wherever I travel. I also have a small Notepad where I jot ideas and pen the starting lines to most work I intend to create later on.

DSCN2442  DSCN2438

I have for the past 2 years been a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Tablet which I use for the software bit of my writing. I installed Kingsoft Office which is basically a mobile Word document application. I have a lot of my stories penned and stored here just as they would ordinarily be stored on a computer. I also have a NOTES application which gives me small leaflets on which I can write up to about 500 words. I have written poetry, created characters and brainstormed story opening therein.

DSCN2436         DSCN2437

I further use my laptop to write and organize my word. With the help of Microsoft Office, I write and save my stories in special folders on my computer. But because you cannot entirely trust these computers, I have an external Hard Drive where I transfer all my important work and archive it into folders.




Guess that is it about my writing tools. But like I said, I am out to acquire some of those cool mobile and PC applications designed for writers.